Biography, Videography & Photography

We know how important it is to maintain the uniformity among your peer award winners. So, ASDF has extensively laid a path for all the nominees in the provision of Biography, Videography and Photographs.


We have partnered with an UK based organization to professionally generate the biography. The organization based out of Oxford, United Kingdom generates the biography based on your information provided to them for a token fee. We highly recommend you to get your biography generated through them. This Biography can also be said as citation text. This will be printed in the citation book. So, your extreme care is required.


We know that we are the digital world, and everyone is carrying a Smart Phone with the fullest pride. But we recommend not to shoot the videos with basic Smart Phones or Toy Cameras. Also, if you are the consecutive Nominee, don’t send the last year or very old videos. The above video is also from the Nominee of the previous year, and we want you to ensure that your video is marking a unique way in being a sample for the coming year nominees.

Kindly ensure that you start the video introduction with the following boilerplate: “Hello, I am _(name)_ associated with _(college/university/organization)_ as _(position)_ and I have been nominated for ASDF _(award title)_ of the year _(year)_. “


We recommend a Professional Headshot photograph with White Background and at least 300 DPI. Sample photograph and the video guide are here as follows. If you are unsure about the quality or any of the terms mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to approach a nearby Photo Studio or a Professional Photographer. 

Sample Photograph