Frequently Asked Questions


Nominees from citizen of India especially from the Region of South like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Puducherry and Lakshadweep as well can nominate for this award.

Winners will be called up for the Awards Ceremony which is going to happen on 4th April, 2020 to receive the awards from the dignitaries.

We at SIAA are not organizing this Awards Ceremony like an Olympic Race or Gambling. These Awards are exclusively non-monetary award for recognizing the best of the better in the various areas in micro level.

To submit your nomination, just visit for finding the right category of award. There you can find a button for Nomination, click on that fill-in the form. That’s all.

Yes, obviously. We mostly don’t turn down or disqualify a nomination too easily. But at certain cases like non-conformance or failing to provide the particulars will lead to disqualification. At this stage there will be no further escalation.

Food will be provided for the nominee, for additional persons you should register at the desk on actuals. Certificate and souvenir will be charged as per the actual charges.

Yes. You can nominate yourself for more than one award, provided that you cannot take more than one award, you need to dedicate the rest of them to fellow members.

No. As a policy we don’t accept the nominations from Sponsors.

If you are already an ASDF member, check for the same at Membership Status. For institute members, please check for the same in the bottom of the Chapter Certificate. If you aren’t having the membership check it out at and apply for one.

Answer is very simple, your application will be rejected and will be recommended for legal action or penalized equivalent for the verification expenses.

SIAA-ASDF Awards Committee juries will visit each and every finalist nominee and institute during the weekday from morning 9 AM to 4 PM. The Individual / Institute should be well prepared with the documentation support enhancing the juries to verify the documents. Accommodation, Travel and Dinning will be arranged by ASDF Awards Team and the same can be reimbursed by the nominee post-verification.

Yes. Any additional items including promotional materials of the kind brochure, annual reports, past recognitions will be considered as a supporting material in the Phase II of the selection.

We would appreciate your feedback and encourage you to send us your ideas and comments via e-mail to [email protected] so we can have a written record and be able to assess suggestions at the end of the awards period. This year awards program has developed as a result of suggestions we received from numerous people.

The Experts visit your campus or make a telephonic interview with you after which you may be sent an invoice. This has two outcomes, i) We will be able to validate that the expert member(s) visited your campus or conducted an interview. ii) Basic costs will be covered. Any value over $100 will be borne by ASDF HQ on the sight of reducing the burden for the nominees.

NO. We don’t encourage in-absentia Awards. On rare occasions, at the last phase if you have made all the travel and unable to attend due to medical or any emergency, please do email us before 3 days of the event.

No, we don’t visit the campus for all the nominees. Only for very few cases, we do visit the campus to ascertain the eligibility.