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SIAA 2021
From the Presenters of ASDF Global Awards, concentrating for the Research Promotion in South Indian Zone exclusively.

SIAA - South Indian ASDF Awards from the presenters of ASDF (Association of Scientists Developers and Faculties) Global Awards mainly aims at the concentrating for the Research promotion in South Indian Zone exclusively.

The society Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF) mainly aims at the collaboration of people of various sectors to gain the knowledge of educating, developing and researching.

As the organizer of this SIAA Awards event, we understand that your application may include sensitive or classified information. For this reason, all information contained in your application will be kept secure and confidential during the judging period. Information will be shared only with Top Level SIAA Awards officials. Judges, reviewers and Award officials involved will be required to sign and date a Statement of Confidentiality, and judges will be instructed to discuss the contents of an entry only among other judges. However, your personal information shall be removed from the form while your application is being sent for review or judging.

The Awards reserves the right to use the following information, submitted in the entry form, for publicity purposes: URL, name of site and credits. No additional information will be released without the prior consent of the site owner or its authorized representative.

Notwithstanding anything above to the contrary, The SIAA Awards will not be liable for any incidental violation of the above policy; however, The SIAA Awards will use its best efforts to comply with the policy.

All the documents will be destroyed as soon as the Awards ceremony is over and no documents will be retained by the committee both electronically as well as physically.

In addition to the same, if any documents found to be forged or bogus, the copy of the same will be sent to the concerned authorities for the screening and the actions are subjected to their levels.

SIAA 2021